Matcha Exclusive Organic

Camellia sinensis, superfine


The Organic Matcha produced at the AOI Tea Company is some of the finest Japanese matcha tea on the planet. The AOI Tea Company has been producing he world’s highest quality, Japanese green tea for over 100 years and it is their goal to deliver the freshest, best tasting matcha to matcha lovers all around the globe. If you are looking to buy organic matcha, then you’ve found some of the best there is!

We first met the AOI crew in person in 2019 and have been purchasing our matcha and Gyokuro from them ever sense. After trying all the matcha we could find, we picked selected this source because they are a small, family owned company that is committed to quality, good flavor, and healthy growing practices -- the fact that they are a top award winning company in Japan as well as worldwide speaks for itself! And, they were kind -- the love of their craft was apparent in every interaction we've ever had with them.