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Tea of the Month Subscription

A sip to your health!


Each month you’ll receive three 1oz packages of seasonally inspired tea & tisane blends from our hand-crafted collection along with their origin stories. With over 50 teas to choose from, we try our best not to repeat a tea within a year.

Each month three teas and tisanes are carefully selected to keep you in step with the season along with a letter from one of our blend masters. A seasonal tea like our Apple Harvest Chai, Peppermint Cheer, or Summer Solstice, a tea from our signature collection like Fireside or Bright Eyes, and a wellness blend to support your body as the seasons change - for instance in January we'll be including our Exercise Recovery blend "Muscle Recovery" to help support your body as you make good on those new year resolutions.

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  • March: Brigth Eyes Black, Spring Equinox, Allergy Tea (wellness)

Packages are sent on the first Friday of every month. If the first Friday is the first day of the month, packages will be sent the following Wednesday.

US continental shipping only via first class usps.