Gyokuro Green Tea

Jade Dew Spring


Gyokuro (pronounced gyo-KUR-o) is the pinnacle of Japanese Green tea. Gyokuro is translated as “Jade Dew” and with good reason! The Gyokuro bushes are covered in order to shade them for two weeks before they are harvested, which serves to bring forth a light but delightfully complex blend. The beautiful lush dark green color is brought about due to the shading of the tea before harvest, which allows it to retain chlorophyll. This concentrates a much fuller body and brings even more of the rich vegetal green tea taste.

Most describe Gyokuro as a smooth and light green tea with a sweet and nutty ending. Gyokuro is significantly less bitter and smoother than our Organic Sencha. It does, however, have a complex layer that rises up throughout the experience. All in all, Gyokuro is simply a harmonious infusion that serves to reveal the full breadth of the tea leaf.