Rosehips, whole

Rosa canina


Origin: Chile

Whole rosehips, which contain seeds, are used in making rose hip oil. It can be used alone or in combination with other berries to make jams and jellies. They are also mixed into potpourri blends for their delicious scent and dash of color.

Note: None noted.

Other Common Name(s): Rosehips, Rosa canina, Hip Berry, Rose Haws, Rose Heps, Wild Boar Fruit, Wild Rose and Dog Rose.

Rose hips are the common fruit of the wild rose and are what remains when the flowers petals drop off. The ripe red fruit is picked shortly after the first frost then dried. Rose Hips can be used for teas, jams pies, bread, soup, cosmetic oil, and even wine.

Great for making herbal tea blends and for potpourri. For making jellies and rose hip oil infusions, whole rose hips are preferred. Rosehips are used in a variety of herbal teas, often alongside hibiscus and other citrus-heavy or tart flavors. One amazing example of such a tea is our Bright Eyes tea blend!

Whole rosehips should not be used to make teas because the seeds are surrounded by sharp hairs - similar to burdock seeds. For teas, Seedless Cut and Sifted Rosehips are recommended.