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Mixology 101 Workshops


Have you ever wondered how we come up with our blends? Kristin M Roach (tea blender & co-owner) and Andrea Mauton (tea blender & sales director) co-host this unique behind the scenes workshop. We will have so much fun learning how to make new concoctions! Each participant will get to take home 1oz of their own unique blend, receive a Mixology booklet, and get to taste a minimum (though usually more) of 6 botanicals and 2 teas. Mixology Sessions are held twice a year on Sunday from 2-4pm, each session focuses on a different type of tea. We can not wait to see you here. Limited spaces available, pre-paid registration required for all classes.

May 21st Mixology 101

Explore summer flavors that make great brews iced or hot.

Oct 1st Mixology 101

Kristin & Andrea are still scheming about what we should focus on this month, more info coming soon.