Mixology 101: Citrus Summer Tea LIVE Brew-A-Long


Learn about botanicals used for herbal teas, and the process of tasting, experimenting and discovering your own signature blend. Craft your own blend along with Little Woods owner using the Tea Mixology Kit. Each kit includes one base tea and 5 botanicals for mixing their own unique blend. Each class focuses on a different kind of flavor catagory and the coorosponding kit includes unique ingredients.

Mixology 101 Live

Sat, May. 23rd 2020 @ 2 - 4PM CDT


If purchaing the Mixology Kit + Class Bundle, please comment which type of tea you would like to work with for your tea base. Choices are: english breakfast black, sencha green, coffee cherry tea, yerba mate, red rooibos, green rooibos. We will not be be tasting each base tea type, but I will cover flavor profiles for each in your class handout and participants are free to ask any questions related to their base tea.