Scarlet's Avalon

irish breakfast black tea, rooibos, organic hibiscus flowers, damiana


As elusive as the celtic other world, this tea is bold, tart, and caffeinated.

Ever since I made the Eternal Youth for my mom, I’ve mixed it with Irish Breakfast for myself. It’s tart, flavorful and full of caffeine. Reminiscent of a bramble berry tea I used to drink while living in Canterbury England, this tea’s flavor is full of nostalgia for me. We had quite a fun time with the name. We spent an entire morning using word association, movie references starting with Scarlet O’Hare and leading to Brigadoon’s O’Hare - another strong female actor. The idea of the Celtic “other world” stuck with us and Avalon was chosen. The land of eternal youth, summer, and joy. Scarlet for the color and strong bold beauty.
12oz/20oz | 5g/9g | 205F | 4-5 mins | 2-3 infusions