Tea Passport Subscription

A sip to your health!


Each month three teas (about 8-10 cups of each) are selected by the blending team at Little Woods to match the seasons. A hand-crafted tea passport accompanies your very first box welcoming you on your journey with new pages to add each month. You'll learn the origin of the blend, how to brew it, caffeine level, and a space for your tasting notes.

  • Bonus samples in each box of our other spice blends and single origin teas
  • We never repeat a tea within the same year.
  • Guaranteed one caffeine free option each month for evening sips.
  • Hand-crafted passport included with first box and additional pages to add each month.
  • All natural artisan tea and tisane blends with no oils, additives, or fillers.

    JULY Tea Passport

    SHIPPING JULY 4-10th

    It is HOT and these teas are all delicious ICED. When you start your subscription in June, July, and August we are including how to brew iced tea by the cup & gallon as a new passport page! This month included: Oolong tea: Creamsicle; Coffee Cherry Tea: Oasis; Herbal Tisane: Eloise Mint -- great mixed with black tea or a kid pleasing favorite on its own.

  • Coffee Cherry Tea: Oasis
  • Oolong: Creamsicle
  • Herbal Tisane: Eloise Mint
    AUGUST Tea Passport Box


  • TBA

RENEWALS: please let us know you are renewing your subscription by leaving us a note at checkout.