French Press - Grosche Madrid - 350ml, 1000ml, 1500ml


We've searched high and low for the perfect tea brewing method for our tea bar and in 2016 we finally found our favorite way. Kristin was inspired by the herbalist practice to use a french press for making herbal infusions from frensh and dried botanicals. Extending the use to tea has been perfect. It filters finely cut tisanes like rooibos, yet allows full leaf oolongs and green teas to open up and fully extract. After settling on the french press, it took another year to find our favorite french press. The Madrid press from Grosche is made of pirex glass, it's durable design prevents, breaking, and we can offer replacement filters and glass if you ever need to get them. A premium French press with a stainless steel filter, chrome housing and borosilicate glass. It comes in 3 sizes: 3/8/12 cup.

The GROSCHE MADRID is a premium French press tea maker. It has a dual filter system that allows you to brew the perfect cup of tea or herbal infustion. The MADRID’s design allows loose leaf tea to infuse completely in just a few minutes. That brews a deep and rich flavour that you’ll love. It’s available in three sizes: choose a small 3 cup / 350 ml press to make a single large cup of tea or the 8 cup / 1000 ml press to make two to three large cups for two. Alternatively, go for the large 12 cup / 1500 ml press to make tea for the whole family.