Sarsaparilla Root (Indian), c/s

Hemidesmus indicus


Sarsaparilla is also commonly known for the beverage sharing the same name. One of Little Woods most popular blends with sarsaparilla is Fireside! Although not a part of the genus Smilax, Hemidesmus indicus, commonly known as Indian sarsaparilla, is a shrub grown in southern Asia. It is also known as “false sarsaparilla”, seeing as it’s not in the sarsaparilla family.

Origin: India

Note: Consult health practitioner before use.
Common Names: Zarzaparrilla, Indian Sarsaparilla
However, it is used as a substitute for the root herb as it has a very similar flavor. The flowers of the plant are green on the outside, but a beautiful purple/maroon color inside. Mexican sarsaparilla and Jamaican sarsaparilla, both in the Smilax family, are two of the most common forms of true sarsaparilla.